Should you use social media to promote your organization?

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In order to fully understand where we’re about to go, it’s important to go over some marketing fundamentals. Promoting your product, service, or organization starts with the audience you are trying to communicate to and the message you want to communicate to them.
After you understand your audience and have a message to communicate to them, we need to figure out the promotional channel to communicate this message through. When it comes to which channel you should choose to promote through, the most important thing that needs to be considered is the size of YOUR audience that is giving their ATTENTION on that channel. (If you have a large audience on a channel but they are not paying attention then it will not be a good channel to promote through).
The size of a desired target audience and the amount of attention this audience is giving to the channel varies greatly and is dependent upon the desired target audience.
The most important question to ask yourself when trying to figure this out is: “Where does my target audience give their attention?”
Here’s a few more pointers to help you work through this:

  1. Competitor research
    When you are marketing for an industry that others are already marketing for, you can simply look to your competitors’ successful marketing initiatives and model them instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. When it comes to online marketing, some of the tools I recommend for competitor research are:
    This is one of my favorite tools because it gives you a lot of insight into your competitors’ traffic sources. (The free version provides a lot of valuable insights).
    I really like to this tool because it gives you a projected advertising budget for your competitors’ Google Search Ads campaign. It also provides a list of the keywords that your competitors are bidding on. (The free version provides great value)
  • Facebook /Instagram active ads tab (This can be found under your competitors’ Facebook page info section)
    This will show you all of the active ads your competitors are running. You will be able to see the exact creatives that your competitors are using, such as graphics, videos, copy, and landing pages.
    This tool will help you find examples of ads that are running based on your industry.
  1. Conduct behavioral research on your audience based on their age
    Understanding generational behaviors can help us when considering which channel to promote on. Older generations are still giving their attention to more traditional channels of promotion while younger generations tend to give their attention to newer channels of promotion. This is a pretty general statement and more recent research suggest that older generations are responding positively to newer channels promotion.
  2. Research using Facebook “audience insights” tool
    This free tool allows you to research the size of an audience on Facebook based on their age, interests, behaviors, employment, relationship status, and much more. Although Facebook is just one channel of promotion, it is considered “the mother of social media” and is definitely a good start to understanding to where your audience is at.
  3. Conducting keyword research on Google Keyword planner
    The Google keyword planner tool helps you identify the search volume for specific keywords that your audience is typing into the Google search engine.
    Learn how to use these research tools here:
    So, let’s get back to our question: Is social media the best promotional channel for my business/organization?
    The answer is very simple: It depends.
    There is no cookie cutter out there and you will waste more time looking for one than if you made the decision to have a professional approach to marketing your business.
    I want to challenge you to take a professional approach. You can either go through the learning curve yourself or you can save a lot of time and money by hiring a professional.
    I started Advent Digital Marketing to provide a professional service to business owners and organizations that want to take a professional approach to online marketing.